5 Best Water Sports Activities in Ubud


Trying to find several great water sports to check when you are in Ubud? If you are looking for a soothing underwater experience or even a couple of heart-pumping activities over the top, ubudwill shock and delight you. Ubud’s brilliant ocean scenes, amazing beaches, along with countless waves produce the ideal environment of the water sports business being created, develop, and thrive. Practically nothing completes your island adventure far significantly more than several daring water sports. Discover the best spots for h2o sports in Ubud inside our list below. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in ubud.

  1. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is among probably the most recent forms of adventure to possess grown to be extremely popular. A strong water spray attached to your boots propels you in the environment, enables you to plunge into the water along with fly back up. In case you ever wanted to dive such as a dolphin, this’s your chance.

  1. Subwing

Probably The modern great adventure on the obstruct, Subwing lets you’ve the underwater world in a totally new way. You plunge into the bath and store a carbon fibre wing that is unquestionably dragged with a speedboat. This enables you to cut through the water such as a dolphin. Tilting the wing enables you to control the depth and the direction. Once you obtain a hang of it, you have the ability to spin, twist along with do a myriad of acrobatics underwater. Is not this probably the coolest thing you’ve read in a few time? Just be sure you arise for air sometimes.

  1. Sea Walking

Go through the underwater society by walking on the ocean floor surrounded by corals, by having an institution of fish swimming around you. Strapped with a helmet that enables you to breathe in underwater, you plunge to a degree of 20-25 metres to see the ocean’s all-natural great things. Sometimes morsels of foods are let loose to attract the fishes and you have the ability to also nourish them by hand.

  1. Rafting

Go through the thrill of rafting within the roaring waters on the Telaga and Ayung Rivers, an exercise that shot to popularity following the Julia Roberts film, Pray, Eat, Love.

The rapids are wild along with the rivers have thrilling drops which are certain to possess you screaming. This system flows around rich green jungles and also the views on path are very gorgeous you are likely to forget that you’re during an adventure.

  1. Parasailing

Parasailing is among probably the most exhilarating happenings out there. Soar in the skies within the ocean while becoming protected to a parachute. Feel the fantastic ocean breeze when you zoom over the ocean while becoming yanked with a speedboat.

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