5 best Water Sports in Seville


Seville is situated about the ancient Guadalquivir river. With an array of aquatic pursuits accessible down the river, Seville may be the ideal place for adventure seeking travellers. While the city is notoriously beach free, it is simpler than you suppose achieving the sea, in that you are able to appreciate the splendour on the Iberian coastline through diving and whale watching. Here’s our guide to the very best boat trips & water sports activities available Seville! Now let’s check top 5 water sports in Seville.

1 Diving

Tarifa is a wonderful city located fourteen km from the African continent, offering stunning diving on secured ocean beds, with the National Park El Estrecho. If you’ve a available h2o diving license our Diving in Tarifa trip would be the most practical way to examine the affluent biodiversity with this distinctive region.

2 Whale Watching

It’s also easy to see whales, other sea mammals, and dolphins, in the natural habitat of theirs within the Straits of Gibraltar on a customized created trip with us. This narrow strait is strictly where in actuality the Atlantic Ocean, along with the Mediterranean Sea, meet, leading to high awareness of aquatic life. Whales are especially active from mid-July to mid-September, during tuna backpacking season. On a comfy day trip from Seville, bring an air-conditioned coach to the port of Tarifa then start a thrilling two-hour boat visit to identify numerous marine species, like Bottlenose dolphins, Orcas, and Sperm Whales.

3 Kayaking

Kayaking Tour provides a chance to learn the city from an alternate perspective. It’s a fantastic means to get some good physical exercise & prevent cool within the summertime time heat and through the wintertime season, as Seville’s temperate weather makes it easy to savor this exercise just about any amount of the entire year. You are able to respect Seville’s several gorgeous bridges including the Triana Bridge created by the staff that built the Eifel tower. Experience city life out from the waters on the River Guadalquivir.

4 Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up Paddleboarding is a good way to spend 1 day in Seville. In this ever popular sport, Paddleboarders stand on the boards of theirs and also take advantage of an exercise to push themselves through the bath. The calm, peaceful waters on the Guadalquivir River are the very best destination for a learn. On our paddleboarding trip, you are able to browse the city from an alternate viewpoint and unlock the techniques of this specific early river. You only need flip-flops, comfortable clothes or swimsuit!

5 River Cruise

Once you want to take pleasure in the water, without getting wet our relaxing along with romantic river cruise, finished with champagne along with Spanish delicacies, would be the simplest way to have the magnificence of the Guadalquivir. Or possibly an ideal means to pop the problem! You are able to also customise the tour of yours to include a private concert with music that’s live. Seville is among the absolute most romantic cities in Europe.

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