Best Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Dubai isn’t the only real United Arab Emirate which is a fast growing travel destination as more and more travelers are actually visiting Abu Dhabi as well.

This wonderful tourist destination has a lot to offer its visitors and you won’t get bored throughout your stay. If you’re planning a visit then there are numerous tourist attractions that you should truly see whilst in Abu Dhabi.

Heritage Village

The Heritage Village should truly be on your listing of places to visit throughout your vacation. You are able to learn more about the neighborhood culture and the way of life of the Bedouin. There’s also numerous interesting shops at the Heritage Village where you could purchase unique local products.

White Fort

Certainly one of typically the most popular tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi could be the White Fort that will be also referred to as the Al Hosn Fort. It is among the oldest buildings in the whole region. A wide selection of activities are organized at the White Fort and include for example conferences, movie festivals and workshops.

The Corniche

One of the most beautiful spots around is most definitely the Corniche that will be an amazing coastal boulevard that borders the town. In the event that you would like to walk along the coast or simply enjoy some rollerblading then be sure to head down to the Corniche.


This outstanding United Arab Emirate is home to numerous world class golf clubs when you love this particular sport then you could have an excellent time throughout your stay. Two excellent 18-hole golf courses is found at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi golf club.

Al Ain Museum

Here is the largest museum in the nation and is situated in the Al Jahili fort. There’s an extremely interesting historical section as well as a wonderful ethnological section at the Al Ain Museum.

Liwa Oasis

When you yourself have always wanted to visit a genuine authentic desert Oasis then be sure to look at the Liwa Oasis that will be highly popular among travelers. You are able to view the date plantations and the new water pools.


This destination is surely a real paradise for shoppers and many people visit Abu Dhabi due to the excellent shopping malls, stores and outdoor markets. One of many main products which many people purchase here is gold and the very best location to go shopping for that’s at the Madinat Zayed gold market.

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