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Mazí Mas is a cafe in London, which operates as a social enterprise that helps migrant families in the city. The cafe presents education and employment opportunities for these females in need. The cafe currently works within a pop-up cafe at the Ovalhouse arts center in London.

Mazí Mas currently works together with women from Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Iran, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru, The Philippines, Senegal, and Turkey. The cultural enterprise assists them to gain knowledge in the meals industry, including supporting them to gain placements in restaurants, along with offering them guidance to simply help them create their particular cafe or business.

The ladies functioning within the key pop-up cafe consist of seven chefs, from a wide range of these nations, who all present some special recipes. The menu is continually adjusting, as the ladies prepare recipes that they discovered to cook at home. This means that 1 day they may have mostly Turkish recipes, and the following may be Jamaican classics, and so on. Messi news

The story of Mazí Mas starts with one person, although it is not the girl who established the restaurant. Maria Maroulis became through to the area of Evia in Greece and later moved to the USA with her husband and two young ones, after the military coup in 1967. They settled in Astoria, in Queens, New York, and Maria desperately needed to get work. However, she wasn’t qualified enough for many careers and possessed only simple English. As a result of enjoying cooking and cooking, Maria mostly wanted to open her own bakery, but it wasn’t the performed issue for females in that time.

She finally discovered work as a nanny for a Greek, two-month-old baby girl. Twenty-five years later, that woman discovered herself in London, and with a passion for cooking and cooking, the same as her godmother Maria. This enthusiasm led her to offer in community kitchens over the city, where she met many other migrant women like her nanny and godmother had been. These women all also wanted to open their particular restaurants, cafes and firms, and this is the driving force behind Mazí Mas.

Mazí Mas was therefore established to simply help different women follow their desires of operating their particular restaurants, giving migrant women the chance to gain knowledge in the meals industry and get employment, that is the chance never fond of Maria Maroulis. Their principal price is envisioning a world where women are equals, using their work values and comments heard.

The majority of the women who they assist in Mazí Mas are parents, which they find to become an actual obstacle for migrant women. Moreover, a lot of these migrant women work against not being effectively qualified for all careers, or possessing skills that aren’t acknowledged in the UK. Additionally, they claim there’s much discrimination against migrant women who can’t talk British as well.

Mazí Mas is supported by the London Community Basis, which helps charities and cultural enterprises about London. Additionally, they raise money through online crowdfunding programs and have so far elevated £16,000

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