Industry Daily Online Email Newsletters and Repeating Headline Aggravation

Indeed, I found it quite interesting during the Christmas holidays this year that all my online e-mail newsletters continued to send me my daily industry news in the various industry sectors on each and every working day. I suppose that is to be expected, but since the news in industry was so slow, and we are talking many-many industries because I take about 70 different daily online newsletters, what I noticed is far too many of these daily e-zine (electronic trade journal magazine) newsletters headlines seemed to be duplicates.

The other day I was explaining this to a friend of mine, because my time is valuable and it does take time to go through all the headlines and read the articles that I might be interested in. Just scanning all the headlines takes about an hour, and it takes a couple to three hours to read – taking a few articles which I choose to read at of each of them. My acquaintance, mentioned that he too had the same problem and aggravation.

“If you don’t have new information to send, then don’t send anything – don’t waste people’s time or clutter up their email boxes, as that is a total insult to the reader who has trusted you to deliver them the latest news on the industry sector” I told him.

What is it with these online newsletter editors, what makes them think that we actually wish to get their newsletters when they have no new news? Is it arrogance, or are they just trying to prove that they never miss a day? If there is no news to report, or no new information to depart, and they are sending an e-mail newsletter which duplicates all the headlines which we’ve already read and gone through, they are wasting our time and energy and junking up our e-mail box.  bbc news online

Perhaps this should be a lesson to online and Internet newsletters, that their readers are real people with real lives and things to do. They are not the “be all end all” for the most important thing of our day. If they don’t deliver us relevant industry news, they are of zero value anyway, because most of us that are serious about any given industry sector take multiple online newsletters. In other words, most of the time a good portion of whatever is in these e-mails, we already know about anyway.

If you are an e-mail editor of an industry newsletter and you have comments, concerns, questions, or a different point of contention I’d like to hear from you, you have permission to e-mail me. Meanwhile, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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