Maintain Child Safe – Analyzing throughout in Emerald Warn GPS Tracker.

The Amber Alert GPS tracker was founded by Russell Thornton who lost his child for less then an hour or so at an amusement park. After this experience he was determined to find a solution and that’s when he invented the Amber Alert GPS tracker to help parents such as for instance himself record their sons and daughters free mobile tracker.

I have personally purchased the tracker for my kids and have found it to be very useful. The unit is really rather small it is less then two inches tall and width so your son or daughter can very quickly use it around their neck as a ring or keep it stored away somewhere safe.

The GPS tracker comes with 8 beneficial features such as for instance providing maps of the actual location where your son or daughter is, the safe zone feature which allows you to create virtual boundaries for your son or daughter and if your son or daughter was to step out that boundary the tracker will send an alert to your phone and/or email. Various other key features will be the SOS button for emergencies, speed alert, temperature alert that is very helpful if your son or daughter was left in a warm car by someone. There is a function called bread crumbing which will provide you with scheduled updates on where your son or daughter is at and also features such as for instance destination alert and voice monitoring.

Some people may genuinely believe that GPS trackers for children are an invasion of these privacy but as a parent your first job is to keep your son or daughter safe. Their are 1000s of children daily who’re reported missing, and parents who feel completely helpless when they can’t do anything about this except to sit there in fear and hope that their child is okay.

The Amber Alert GPS comes with two options, you can either rent it out monthly or you can get the device and sign up to the features ios parental control. Also there are numerous accessories they offer for your son or daughter like the arm/ankle band, canvas pouch and the adjustable bracelet.

With the GPS system intact with my children I’m very assured and am able to have a peace of mind when I am from them. The system is quite accurate. The map on the tracker will pin point the actual location of where your son or daughter is at.

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