Area 1. The Congress can give best priority to the enactment of steps that protect and enhance the best of all individuals to human pride Article Thirteen, minimize cultural, economic, and political inequalities, and remove cultural inequities by equitably diffusing wealth and political power for the common good.

To this end, the State can manage the purchase, ownership, use, and disposition of house and its increments.

Area 2. The promotion of cultural justice can include the commitment to create economic options predicated on freedom of initiative and self-reliance.


Area 3. The State can afford whole security to work, regional and overseas, prepared and unorganized, and promote whole employment and equality of employment options for all.

It can assure the rights of all employees to self-organization, collective bargaining and negotiations, and peaceful concerted actions, including the best to strike in respect with law. They will probably be eligible for security of tenure, humane problems of work, and a full time income wage. They can also be involved in plan and decision-making techniques affecting their rights and advantages as may be given by law.

The State can promote the concept of discussed duty between employees and employers and the preferential use of voluntary settings in settling disputes, including conciliation, and can enforce their mutual submission therewith to foster professional peace.

The State can manage the relations between employees and employers, recognizing the best of work to its only reveal in the fruits of production and the best of enterprises to affordable earnings to investments, and to growth and growth.


Area 4. The State can, by law, undertake an agrarian reform plan launched on the best of farmers and typical farmworkers that are landless, your can purchase straight or collectively the places they until or, in the event of other farmworkers, to get a only reveal of the fruits thereof. To this end, the State can inspire and undertake the only circulation of all agricultural places, at the mercy of such points and affordable maintenance limits since the Congress may prescribe, taking into consideration ecological, developing, or equity factors, and at the mercy of the cost of only compensation. In deciding maintenance limits, the State can respect the best of small landowners. The State can more offer incentives for voluntary land-sharing.

Area 5. The State can realize the best of farmers, farmworkers, and landowners, along with cooperatives, and other independent farmers’organizations to be involved in the preparing, company, and administration of this program, and can offer help to agriculture through correct technology and study, and satisfactory financial, production, advertising, and other help services.

Area 6. The State can apply the concepts of agrarian reform or stewardship, when relevant in respect with law, in the disposition or utilization of other normal assets, including places of people domain below lease or concession suitable to agriculture, at the mercy of previous rights, homestead rights of small settlers, and the rights of indigenous neighborhoods to their ancestral lands.

The State may resettle landless farmers and farmworkers in its agricultural estates which will probably be spread for them in the manner given by law.

Area 7. The State can protect the rights of subsistence fishermen, especially of regional neighborhoods, to the preferential use of the communal marine and fishing assets, both inland and offshore. It can offer help to such fishermen through correct technology and study, satisfactory financial, production, and advertising guidance, and other services. The State can also protect, develop, and conserve such resources. The security can increase to offshore fishing reasons of subsistence fishermen against foreign intrusion. Fishworkers can be given a only reveal from their work in the utilization of marine and fishing resources.

Area 8. The State can offer incentives to landowners to spend the profits of the agrarian reform plan to advertise industrialization, employment formation, and privatization of community segment enterprises. Economic tools used as cost because of their places will probably be honored as equity in enterprises of the choice.


Area 9. The State can, by law, and for the common great, undertake, in cooperation with the individual segment, an ongoing plan of metropolitan land reform and property that may make offered by inexpensive cost, decent property and simple services to underprivileged and abandoned people in metropolitan centers and resettlement areas. It can also promote satisfactory employment options to such citizens. In the implementation of such plan the State can respect the rights of small house owners.

Area 10. Urban or rural bad residents shan’t be evicted nor their dwelling demolished, except in respect with law and in a only and humane manner.

Number resettlement of metropolitan or rural residents will probably be undertaken without satisfactory consultation together and the neighborhoods wherever they can be relocated.


Area 11. The State can embrace a and detailed way of health growth which can endeavor to create crucial goods, health and other cultural services accessible to any or all the folks at inexpensive cost. There will probably be priority for the needs of the underprivileged, ill, elderly, disabled, women, and children. The State can endeavor to provide free medical attention to paupers.

Area 12. The State can create and keep a powerful food and drug regulatory system and undertake correct health, manpower growth, and study, responsive to the country’s health needs and problems.

Area 13. The State can set up a special firm for disabled persons because of their rehabilitation, self-development, and self-reliance, and their integration in to the main-stream of society.


Area 14. The State can protect functioning women by giving secure and beneficial functioning problems, taking into consideration their maternal operates, and such facilities and options which will enhance their welfare and enable them to appreciate their whole possible in the service of the nation.


Area 15. The State can respect the role of independent people’s organizations allow the folks to pursue and protect, within the democratic platform, their legitimate and collective pursuits and aspirations through peaceful and lawful means.

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