Top 4 Best Water Sports Activities in Ishigaki

The water around Ishigaki is natural blue, with white sandy shores to ease your senses. But don’t merely stand on the beach and stare. Travelers recommend a trip in a glass-bottomed boat to gaze at the coral reefs along with tropical fish from above. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in Ishigaki.


Prime Scuba Ishigaki is really a plunge center in Ishigaki Island, Japan, Okinawa. Located several 2,000km southwest from Tokyo and just 250km from Taiwan, the island really likes tropical climate and society you won’t see within the mainland Japan. Ishigaki is endowed with wonderful nature and sapphire azure ocean, with lots of colorful and beautiful marine animals. It’s been placed because the #1 dive location amongst divers in japan.With our 60ft diving cruiser Blue Swan, we address broad regions of Ishigaki and adjacent islands of Yaeyama, Iriomote, Kuroshima, including Taketomi, etc


Dive service which lasts twenty decades in northern Ishigakijima. We provide entertaining diving, diving license (diving school) along with knowledge dive in northern Ishigakijima where remote islandy dynamics stays. Good quality of good deal and impression of conviction. It’s safe in price display. PADI five Star · ID Dive Resort accredited store. If you’re diving simply for the very first time escape it to Ishigakijima “Umi no kyoshitsu”!


Diving contained Ishigaki island is gorgeous all season around and there are lots of websites ideal for both novices and a lot more skilled divers. The charming reefs of the island are plentiful with a multitude and healthy corals of marine life. Besides the prominent Manta Rays (seasonal), there’s additionally Landscape Diving with swim throughs, a Turtle Point, alongside Coral Gardens to enjoy☆ Viking Scuba provides calm diving in groups which can be small departing from the renowned Kabira Bay, merely a 25 min scenic drive made available from Ishigaki community.


The Okinawan Indigenous Boat “SABANI” The shop of ours (Yoshida SABANI) could be found on the gorgeous Hirakubo Peninsula within northern Ishigaki. Set sail within the SABANI and also learn the unblemished dynamics of Hirakubo Peninsula. ​Snorkel among gorgeous coral reefs. ​Watch sunlight next, dip underneath the horizon on a sunset cruise. ​Make recollections which last life aboard the “SABANI” ;.

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